What do words mean actually? We have learned that if someone says I love you, that that is the truth. But actually the intention behind it should be analysed and felt. The frequency of the words I love you should be felt. The moment someone says to you I love you and you don’t feel it, then it is not based on truth. Everything around us is frequency. We should learn children again to study frequency and especially their own frequency. If someone says I love you and that person just says it because he or she thinks its normal to say then those words don’t carry the frequency of love. Those words mean nothing. We say so easily I love you, to please the other. But actually you can only say I love you, when you FEEL it deep down inside of yourself. Because the other is you, always. When you feel love for yourself all the time, you can love anything and everything around you. When you don’t feel love for yourself, you are not able to say I love you to the other person with the right INTENTION.

It’s the same what the government say all the time. People believe it, as people have been disconnected from their truth, from their feeling of love. If you have a lot of fear in your system, your brain, your neuro transmitters cannot filter those words and you will believe it. When you have no filter, if you are pure, then your neuro transmitters are in direct contact with your heart and your heart will give you a signal that something isn’t true.
If you cannot feel love inside you will never be able to feel what is the truth yes or know. Deep down we all know, but we rather put our head in the sand because that is easier. The problem is, the feeling will never ever go away.

I had one time a situation where someone became angry with himself and projected it on me. Later on he said to me I am sorry and I said I don’t feel it. I know he said it to please his nephew and to pretend he had manner. I know this was not based on truth and I immediately voiced it out that I didn’t believe it. My partner at that time told me but he apologised so you need to let it go. I said he didn’t mean it. How do you know that? Well I didn’t feel it. I didn’t pick up in those words the intention that he was sorry. And this is what life is all about, its all about intention. We say all the time things to each other, but do we mean it?
For example, someone calls you a bad word, but just because they are angry and deep down you know they don’t mean it, but still we become angry as well, because he or she said this. But words are just words if they don’t carry the intention. And don’t forget, when we become angry, we become angry with ourselves. The other speaks only in frequency that hits our own frequency inside.
We speak in sound, we don’t speak in language. Yes we have labelled it language as we have labelled everything in this world. But in the end we speak from our inner being and our inner being always carries in the moment a certain frequency. Those words will always carry that frequency in the moment and with frequency they will always carry the feeling you speak.

For example. You feel sad and someone asks you, how do you feel and you tell them, I am good, but the other feels and knows you are not ok, if you are connected. How many times I had a discussion when I said that is not true, because I don’t feel it. Yes but I told you? Well and here it goes wrong in society we have connected TRUTH to WORDS, but TRUTH is only connected to frequency. Same if you feel your partner is cheating on you. Your partner says its not true, but deep down you know there is something wrong. That is why it is important that we connect to our inner being again as our inner being will tell us what is the truth or not. People that are very intuitive know when someone is lying. Luckily we are living in a time, that lies are coming to the surface. There is no way back for the truth to come out. Words are just words if they don’t carry the intention, they are meaningless. A gift is meaningless when its given out of conditioning. A gift is a gift when it is given from the heart.
We just need to listen to our inner voice, as energy never lies.


Much love & gratitude

Tamara Wensing