My TRUTH about what is wisdom and what is intelligence

Well we live in a world where we have labelled intelligence when you KNOW a lot. When you can study very well, when you have a lot of degrees. When you actually earn a lot of money. But is this wisdom? For me no, this is not wisdom at all. Wisdom for me comes from a feeling from your soul. It is a knowing, a deep rooted feeling that will manifest. Wisdom can only come from the soul, as the soul is based on TRUTH on unconditional love. We can only transfer wisdom by truth. Everything is energy so this means we get so much information the whole day long. The more connected you are, the more you feel and the more you understand the universal truth as within so without; the more you can recognise which information is for you and which information doesn’t resonate with you. This is all based on the information that has been imprinted in your blueprint before you came to earth.

That is why you can get a book and the first page you don’t feel at all, actually you don’t like the book. But this means the frequency of the book just doesn’t’ resonate with your own frequency.

That is why so many children don’t like school. They have to learn things they don’t feel. They are taught what is good for them and what not, but deep down the children know this. We need to help them and activate them to their own wisdom and this can only be done by feeling.

The more you connect with your true self the more information will be downloaded. You can only connect with yourself if you are willing to face yourself, your own truth. Your own fear. If you are willing to release everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. If you are willing to take responsibility for what happens to you. The more you connect the more you will understand the universal law as within so without. The more you will become the observer of your own life. The more you understand why the outside is there. This is mastery for me. This is true ancient wisdom, to understand the universal law as within so without. To walk the talk. To walk in truth, to speak truth and to be loyal to your own feeling.

I get so many people with so many degrees and wealthy people (in money) and they have no clue who they are. They have no clue how to understand their feeling. They have no clue that the outer is 100% their creation. This creates emptiness, illness. When we stuff our mind full with information that actually often doesn’t belong to us, the disconnection becomes bigger and bigger with our true self. Because the soul knows we don’t need to study if we don’t feel it. The soul knows we don’t need to prove with diploma’s and certification who we are. The soul knows we don’t need to label ourselves with Doctor, Professor. These labels are only there to prove. The soul doesn’t need any label.

Everytime you have the feeling you have to prove yourself, is a reflection of yourself that you need to prove something to yourself, as the outer activates this. The soul knows that true wisdom cannot be explained. The soul knows that everything is already there and that we are not here to chase dreams, but that where you are now is already a dream. A dream is feeling, a knowing coming from your soul. We all have a dream based on unconditional love, but its up to you to remember this feeling again. Its up to you to go within to feel where this feeling is. Because its all there, all the feelings of heaven, abundance it is rooted in everyone’s dna. The more you connect, the more you release, the more you walk and breath truth, the more access you have. The more the outside will appear based on love and truth. This is wisdom, because then you know that you are the creator. Then you know that where you are now is exactly where you need to be with all those feelings. Those feelings that you have created, those feelings that you have allowed to be activated because you are ready. The ego is never ready. But the soul is always ready. The soul knows. The soul knows deep down truth. And that is why we all know the truth, the question is are you ready to follow that truth. Are you ready to step into your truth. We live in exciting times and I know that its all there for every human being. But first to access these magical feelings you need first to manifest and to acknowledge also the feelings that don’t belong to love.

The soul knows that the only power in the world is love and that love is the only energy that can transform any low frequency into love. The soul knows you are one with everything around you, the soul knows that there is no separation, but we allow separation in ourselves by thinking the outer is responsible for our inner. The soul knows everything is coming from within.

When we speak from the heart, from truth, we speak from wisdom. This wisdom can be transferred by energy. When we speak form our mind, we speak from our ego, this is not wisdom, this is knowledge. Only when you feel your wisdom, you can speak from wisdom. And when you can speak from wisdom no one will question you, no one will ask you how do you know this, because they also know where this is coming from. For me people that live and act out of their heart are people from wisdom. You can see this in their eyes.

And one thing I know we can all reach this feeling, we live in time where we can access all the information to return back to innocence. And if you don’t feel to return, that means you are just not ready yet.

Much love&gratitude

Tamara Wensing