Two retreat planned in Europe

22-25 th of MAY in MALLORCA

14th – 18th of MAY in the Netherlands

All my retreats are custom-made as we all have a unique blueprint. But I offer often my very successful 3-day retreat and this time in MAY in EUROPE, in the Netherlands, and in Mallorca.

I work with a group of max 6 people and everyone has their own sacred bedroom where you will drink 5 sacred medicines.

I work with:

Ibogaine, the grandfather, the plant that makes your unconscious conscious, when you are ready

Magical mushrooms: great heart-opening medicine. Gives you inside and helps you to open your crown and heart chakra

Syrian Rue: beautiful tea to open your heart even more

Cannabis oi: great medicine to relax the mind and to integrate ibogaine even more

Sananga: eye drops, that help you to open your third eye and so also your mind

I combine for everyone in a different setting and time. We all differentiate on a different frequency and I can feel and mirror your frequency back.

Lots of love and contact me with any questions.


African Plant Retreat in Mallorca 22-25 May 2021