There are so many articles about twin flames and the most mention hurt and pain. This is not true. You can only create your twin flame if you have cleared your heart from pain, sorrow, guilt, fear every emotion that doesn’t resonant with love. So your heart is filled with love and compassion for yourself. Till that happens, you will meet people and situations that trigger pain till it is replaced with unconditional love.A twin flame will never ever hurt you as your twin flame is your mirror of unconditional love and love never hurts.


Not everyone will meet his or her twin flame in THIS life time. This will only happen when it is your last time as an human being on this planet, as it is becoming one again with yourself. The journey back to unconditional love.

When you have come to this planet the very first time your soul has been split in two. The journey on earth is the journey to unconditional love for yourself. We make contracts, we agree before we come to earth to learn certain pain, love etc.

All here to learn, to heal; all to teach you get unconditional self love. So often you meet people that trigger you of a feeling that doesn’t resonate with love: like guilt, jealousy, pain, hurt, sadness. So when you meet a person that you are crazy about, but still this person triggers a pain in you. Like this person triggers a feeling of anger, fear, rejection, not loved in you then this person is NOT your TWINFLAME. As a twin flame is a MIRROR of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. As long as your heart is not filled with unconditional love for yourself, you will get twin souls/soul mates till you are healed: ‘ you attract what you need to heal’.

A twin flame is the mirror of unconditional love for yourself. It is the highest vibration there is. It is pure unconditional love. And as pure unconditional love doesn’t know fear, rejection, hate, pain, sorrow it can never attract a person that triggers that in you.