Did you know that there angels all around us? If you don’t believe that, then you can ask (with your heart) a sign of there are angels around. You will see that in a unexpected moment you will find feathers, coins, you get goosebumps if you hear something.

It is exactly magic to know that there angels everywhere. But it is important to ask for guidance from the angels, or ask for protection. To receive the signs, open your heart and be aware. Don’t look for a sign as then you make it conditioned. Just let the signs reveal to you, let if unfold.

I always find coins and feathers. The coins I always pick up and I say a thank you to the universe. This is a sign there is abundance. We are actually born in abundance. What you can do to attract more abundance is to put the coin in a pot and thank the angels for this and feel and imagine that his pot will grow and grow and grow.

Not only with people or coins, feathers you know that there are angels. They give us messages all the time and especially with numbers!!! Below more signs that you can expect to receive the moment you open your heart to the angels!

And please let me know if you have received signs! You will see, the moment you are open to the signs, you will trust more the path you have chosen. Because the signs are there to encourage you to go on the way you do.>

Lots of Love