My latest video where I share my truth about the masculine and feminine energy that we all carry inside of us.

Enjoy and please send me any questions.



True love,  we all want it and we all deserve it. No one can give it to us, it can only be activated from the outside. When it is activated I can hand over all the tools to understand your inner.

We are our own teachers, healers, or gurus; created from the inside. All the answers that we need in life are within us. The external world is there to show you who you are and to remember who you are. This is my passion, my teaching. I understand very quickly where the defaults are in your DNA and we can work in different ways on how to remove the defaults in order to shine and feel lighter.

What I offer you is the gift of my energy in that I am able to activate your light, to activate the healer within you.

I’ve often been called an alchemist, catalyst, teacher, and healer, as I have the tools to assist & guide you to the wisdom that already resides within you.

If you’re ready to activate your beautiful light, please reach out to me.

Allow me to guide you and you will find it

Love Tamara

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