Corona is not the virus, FEAR is the VIRUS.

To be honest, this virus makes me laugh. People have no idea that this virus is just there to activate / mirror an existing fear in people and also to activate more FEAR in people.

Everything is energy / frequency and energy can only be felt by feeling it. I mean the wind, we can feel it, love we can feel it. We can feel if someone means it for real yes or no. Well a lot of people have lost the feeling of TRUTH, the feeling of the true connection with themselves. This happens a lot and the main reason for the lost of feeling is that the feeling of fear overrules. When your heart is not clean you cannot feel clear. See your heart as a window, when the window is dirty you cannot see clear, its vague. You see but you don’t know if something is there. When you start cleaning your heart it means the energies you receive are in direct contact with your energy. The heart energy of yourself is PURE, unconditional love. The soul only knows unconditional love and this has no filter. So this means when you receive an object, person on the outside and this mirror is not TRUE your heart will give you sign a feeling that this isn’t true. When your heart has layers of fear, the fear will tell you that is true. Same with the corona virus. I mean so many people are now afraid. But what is the CORONA virus, it’s a feeling as well. I mean if you feel that you have it or will get it, you will have it or get it. Everything what you believe is your reality. That is why everyone has their own reality and that is why everyone perceives their world through their own filter. If you ask a depressed person how do you see the world, well they will give an answer based on their filter of depression. If you ask a genuine happy person how do you perceive the world, they will project it through their filter of happiness. That is why there can also be no judgement, as everyone has their own journey and they perceive their world through their own feeling.

People allow again to listen to the fear. Well my reality as this moment is, I am in FRANCE and I don’t watch TELLIEVISION, because the TV is showing a reality that isn’t mine reality at this moment. A lot of people when they read this will think well she is ignorant. Well again ignorance is a feeling and I feel I am not. If people THINK I am ignorant then I mirror their own ignorance. People believe what they see on TV that that is THEIR REALITY. But this cannot be true, because what they show you is not where you are. Your reality is only what you can touch and what you can SEE with your eyes in your surrounding. So that is why I don’t watch news, why should I watch some people that are disconnected and listen to negativity. Everything that you give energy grows. So I rather focus on helping people to activate TRUTH in their souls and that is that only LOVE is real. Focus on positivity and focus on LOVE in my heart.

This Corona virus has been brought into reality to activate more FEAR in people. So people will stay at home are afraid of getting ill. But those people are already ill, because they live in FEAR. I mean FEAR, STRESS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY those are the activators of illnesses. To stay at home, watch the news the whole day, to ALLOW FEAR to be activated, well I call this already that you have died anyway as you allow to stay and live in FEAR.

Yes it is possible to get the VIRUS, yes it is possible to crash a car, yes it is possible, to slip or fall of staircase. But this means you can better stay at one spot and not move at all anymore. I see this with the virus as well, I will not allow anyone or anything to project their fear on me. If I will get the virus I will take it from there. But for some reason I KNOW I wont get the virus. I mean and what is the virus, a flu??? We are here on earth to follow our intuition and so many people has lost that and they listen to the FEAR. FEAR is an illusion, because even if you get the virus, its meant to be, there is a teaching in it. How do you deal with it, how do your react on it. Same with depression, are you a victim or do you listen to those feelings, because feelings are the messengers of the soul. Are you a victim or do you think, well what is this situation trying to tell me. When the TELLIEVISION was introduced beginning of 1900 its was there for real news and entertainment, but they found out they could manipulate the frequency of human beings by exposing low frequencies on tv all day long. Everything is frequency and when you are exposed the whole day sitting in front and watch CNN you will start believing it. This is how mass control began, not even to begin about the school system. So again with the virus, we need to be updated, for what? So you cant travel to Italy? So you need to stay at home. You cant shake hands anymore. You can shake hands WHEN YOU FEEL it. We only listen the outer, but we need to listen to the inner. When the inner is not clean, yes its obvious that you believe the outer. This is the duality anyway because the outer is the inner, we are one. The outer is created by the inner frequency, the universal TRUTH. Everything we perceive on the outside is a projection from the inside. The feeling you get with the outside is the teacher. So if you are afraid to get the corona virus, it means it mirrors AN EXISTING FEAR in your soul. Like everything on the outside mirrors a feeling in you. This is also the proof that people have so much fear. I mean the whole virus doesn’t mirror any fear in me. I have to laugh about how people react on it and how they have forgotten that they only are projecting their fear on others. If I have to think about everything what can go wrong, well shoot me in the end, because that is not the life I CHOOSE to live. I want to live fully without FEAR, because that is how life supposed to be. The Corona virus is not the virus, it’s the FEAR that is in people that is the biggest disease there is. Well more it is the listening to the illusion of FEAR that keeps people in control. And the funny part is, you are the one allowing it, so you can blame the outer, but the exactly the victim stage, as the outer is created by the inner, so you will always be 100% responsible for everything what happens in your life. This is a hard TRUTH I realise this, but when you FEEL this TRUTH you will be free, as you can change the outer as well by working and changing your own inner frequency. And that is what I call magic and manifestation. So what is your choice? Keep on watching and talking about it, or focusing on things that you can change?