We are here to remember, we don’t need to manifest anything. Manifestation is EGO

There are so many theories about manifestation. Instant manifestation for example. Courses about manifestation, examples about manifestation. What appears to me is that we only see the material manifestation. Houses, cars, jobs etc. I pick up that manifestation has become ego. Because the truth is we don’t need to manifest anything. Everything is already there. That is why I call manifestation a remembering. You can only attract who you are. You can only attract what you FEEL. As a lot of people don’t feel they start manifesting out of the ego. Yes this is also manifestation, but what is manifestation without the frequency of LOVE. This is for me empty. That is why a lot of people manage to manifest for example a lot of money…but they also loose it again. Because this is manifestation from the ego. Or people manifest a lot of money, but they are actually still not happy. And not being happy with so much money, is for me as well empty.

True manifestation, remembering comes from your soul. And what I see often we call manifestation only manifestation when we manifest things. People, items, jobs that WE WANT. But what if I told you we need to first also embrace the manifestation of our negative feelings in order to access that feeling that can manifest out of unconditional love. And what if I told you that manifestation diseases, accidents, no money are also manifestations from your soul. These manifestation are messages in order to wake you up. In order to show you how you feel deep down inside. Yes manifestation is continuous there, every step in life, every minute is a manifestation, or actually a remembering of your soul.

The beauty is when you start feeling and realising that everything outside of you what you encounter is your own manifestation you can change it, because when you realise that all the answers there in front of you, then you know what you have asked. It is actually very simple, but you have to first acknowledge that EVERYTHING IS MANIFESTATION.

So the question is of course, how to remember, how to manifest who you are. Well a lot of people name what they WANT. But the soul doesn’t want, the soul KNOWS. The EGO wants. So a lot of people name things what they want, but the question is this what your soul wants or what your EGO wants. So why not first focus on manifesting TRUE FEELINGS. Why not first manifest and ask the universe, I want to feel PEACE, I want to feel TRUE LOVE. I want to feel SELF WORTH. I want to feel ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Because those feelings belong to the feeling of unconditional love. These feelings are present, but those feelings need to be activated in order to REMEMBER.

And when you start focussing on your feeling, you will see that the outer will respond on that.

Let’s take as an example LOVE. We all want this partner, this true love, isn’t it. The most people don’t believe in this anymore, so actually they tell that they don’t believe in themselves anymore. I mean if you don’t believe in TRUE LOVE, it means you don’t believe in yourself anymore. I have always believed in TRUE LOVE. But to manifest TRUE LOVE, you need to manifest the feeling of TRUE LOVE in yourself. How does this feel? You will know when it is there. This feeling can be activated by the outside. We can only activate feelings that are already present in our soul. We cannot describe feelings as we all feel differently. We have all an universe that is custom made on your FREQUENCY. You will feel it and you will remember how it feels. This can be by meeting a person, or a situation or with an animal. Dogs, cats, other animals are often beautiful mirrors of unconditional love. These animals reflect in you that feeling. We can only reflect and activate. So I see a lot of advertisements about how to manifest love. And with these courses I see we focus on the outside. With all the courses about manifestation we focus on the outside, but the secret is to focus on the feeling, because when you manifest the feeling, the outside will appear. And this outside matches exactly the inside. This is a remembering of your soul, this is authentic manifestation. I mean what is manifestation based on what others say? For me it is empty. We cannot manifest LOVE like a click in the fingers. First you need to believe in this LOVE. Second you have to be aware of the partners if this a reflection of a pain that is inside of you. As you when your soul is scattered you will first attract people that reflect you. This means if you allow a toxic person in your life, this means you carry a toxic feeling in your energy field. This is ok and actually perfect as this is exactly what you need at that moment. You will ALWAYS get what your SOUL NEEDS. So often love is a mirror of fear or something what we need to heal. But this is brilliant, because then you can work on yourself. It is impossible to attract a person that is free from FEAR if you still carry FEAR in your subconscious. But as I mentioned at that moment it is the perfect partner. As the partner is YOU. Then also with LOVE we make soul contracts before we come to earth. So instant LOVE manifestation is ALL EGO. As both souls are preparing to meet.

Focus on the feelings inside of you. Be honest with yourself. Speak TRUTH and dare to face your FEARS. As fear needs to be embraced before you can transcend it into love.

When you feel something it means it is there. When you don’t feel anything then ask the universe to guide you to feel again. Its all about feeling. We are here on earth to FEEL.

Yes your wish my comment? We all know this sentence from the movie Aladin. And this is how it should a work, a wish is a remembering of your soul. You can only wish what your soul already knows. You can only access that feeling that is already in you. As the duality came in and duality is a feeling of not feeling one, disconnected from the outer world, while the outer world is YOU.

Your soul knows and shows you on the outside, how you feel with the outside is YOU. This is your manifestation. TRUE manifestation, call it authentic manifestation comes from within.

As within so without. We are here to remember, we are here to feel.