The TRUTH about IBOGAINE: the most POWERFUL medicine PLANT from mother EARTH!

Very grateful that I am serving EVERY DAY Ibogaine, why? Because more and more people feel that the world we live in is not the way it should be and more and more people want to be HAPPY! This plant will show you’re your TRUTH. It is a total reset of your DNA and you will release all the false belief systems.
We are living in a society where WE ALLOWED the system to focus on the outside and this is EGO. The TRUTH lies in your HEART and the TRUTH is only LOVE!

We carry pain in our DNA from our parents, grandparents and so go on. Often cycles repeat themselves as people do not solve their pain. Ibogaine is FANTASTIC for releasing fear, guilt, blockages. Exactly everything that does not resonate with LOVE!

We even live in a system that we call pure plants DRUGS, while anti depressive and sleeping tablets DRUGS are. It is unbelievable that we have allowed the system to take DRUGS to SUPRESS our feelings. Because that is what is happening with anti depressive and sleeping tables. THEY SUPPRESS and the medicine plants that I work with SURFACE your pain. As you can only heal when you FACE your pain.

I see every day the result of IBOGAINE as I serve everyday this sacred plant! It is the plant that will help you awaken as you can only awaken if you start loving yourself and release pain.
A lot of people THINK they love themselves, but they don’t do that unconditionally. Unconditionally means no judgement, no guilt, no shame, no fear and no hate. ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

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Much love