I’m very pleased to speak from my heart in my first blog about FRANK (tamaraspeaksfrank). And yes I this site, these blogs and videos can be quite confronting for some of you. But that is what I want to achieve. Its time for us people to wake up to our own truth. What I Hope to achieve that you will reflect on yourself, are you FRANK with yourself, are you living according to your own truth? Because I know and I believe we are here on earth to follow our own unique soul, call it your feeling and only then we can live and create the life that we want.

So lets speak about our own true self and our feelings , why we ignore them, why a lot of us pretend and what happens if we would be ourselves and listen to our own self

As we all are human beings, we have all been lying to ourselves. I did the same. And that’s is not so strange if we realize that we live in a world where everything is conditioned and manipulated. So let me make it clear there is no good and bad, we are here on our own journey and each of us is unique with their own life path.

So let’s introduce TAMARASPEAKSFRANK, who and what is FRANK? FRANK means open, honest. Like being authentic.

But what does it mean to be real nowadays in this world?

This is the question I asked myself when I got divorced more then two years ago and I had my own personal awakening. I went on a few dating sites. I was literally in shock with what I saw and experienced . For me it has been always so natural to meet people and to be frank with them.

I don’t want to say everyone is fake, but a lot is yes and we all know when we meet a person when they are not real. We literally feel it or not? Or are we now so disconnected that we don’t feel anymore.

Yes that was my conclusion after a few months on a dating site. People were so pretending. Pretending to be happy, being younger actually being someone else. Not only were people pretending but also sending messages immediately about sex. Which is ok, if someone is ok with it. But I believe we all are looking for a special connection. I realized that it’s impossible to find a special connection if you are disconnected with yourself. Because you will always attract how you feel deep down in your heart

Every situation, every person that we meet in life is a part of us. Is a mirror of us. Call it the famous law of attraction. For me the law of attraction how they explained in a commercial way is a bit full of shit. The law of attraction works on how you feel in your heart. Deep deep down in your heart. Not what you say in your mind, but how you feel in your heart.

I have been experiencing this on many levels. The beauty of this journey is is that when you go inside and you understand why you feel the way you feel and you replace this old pain with forgiveness and unconditional self-love you will vibrate that. People feel that. And that’s the moment the law of attraction will work on a heart level.

Then I knew, yes I know that I got everything what I wanted in life because I have been most of the time true to myself and followed always my own feeling.

I realized my soul purpose is to teach people to feel again, to connect again, but especially to trust again.

Due my own journey I found out what my soul purpose is. It’s to awaken people to their own truth, to plant seeds, so that they will think and start connecting with their heart again. Actually that people feel again and more important to trust that feeling again.

The idea for frank was born. But I didn’t want to create a dating site, I wanted to create a platform where people could connect with themselves and with others.

To find out who you are is to be very honest with yourself, to connect with your heart again, and to feel and trust again and become confident to live life by your true self. So what is feeling? Feeling is your intuition, your gut, telling you inside immediately inside if something is ok or not.

But how does it come that we neglect our gut? The moment we are born, we have taught not to listen to and speak about our feelings.

And actually its quite normal that we don’t listen to our feeling again. We live in a society that is quite fake. We are conditioned and labelled by various systems, such as parents, schooling, organizations, religious beliefs, economy and of course the media

Our parents wants us to be this, we have to act like this, we have to be friends with certain people, we have to earn a lot of money we have to follow the latest fashion and go on like this. We have been adopting belief systems of others. Actually we have becoming sheep’s of society. So yes to see who you really are, is to go to your heart and to see why you have certain feeling., why does that makes me angry, why I’m I sad. Do I believe that, is that me. Do I really want that? Its like an onion. We have put so many layers on ourselves that we forgot who we really are and why we are here. Its like breaking through and peeling off belief systems of others to come to our own core.

Only to be aware what you feel you connect to your heart. And yes one thing I know for sure. You are responsible for your feeling, nobody else. You are the only one that know you the best. Nobody else. The biggest problem in this world is, that nobody taught us to love ourselves the we are and that we can be who we want to be. And that we constantly exposed to negativity by the media. We feel guilty, we feel gear, we are ashamed. We actually afraid to be who we want to be.

And yes that is being frank, being you and living the way you feel in your heart. You will see that when you start listening to your feeling and trusting it, that you will be in a flow. You will meet the right people in the right time. You will get solutions in an unexpected way. Because everything is there for a reason. This I call synchronicity. Everything happens to bring the best out fo you. This is your life, your universe and nobody can live it for you.

And this is why I have this vision, this feeling to share this. Because I believe that we can create a beautiful world filled with love. With FRANK we do this with inspiring movies, talks, readings. Anything to show people that anything is possible. But everything in a fun light way. Because don’t forget we are here to enjoy life with love. The world is a playground and its your oyster.

But we have to start with ourselves. Only you can change if you want to change. And when you do, you will see that it will open doors and that it will bring you what you need in the right timing. And that feeling to be who you really want to be without feeling guilty and without caring about what others think, that’s FREEDOM.
And you always have a choice to take ownership for your own happiness and to find your true unique authentic self? So what is your choice?

Are you ready to be frank with yourself, yes or no?