Are you ready for a 5 star sacred Ibogaine experience?

My love for Ibogaine is huge, as this plant will give you insights about your truth and your feeling. More and more people are wondering why they here on earth and often blockages are deep.

Ibogaine is the master teacher / mirror of your feeling of your TRUTH and this plant will do what it needs to do if you allow it. On my website you will find more answers on this plant and I am always willing to share more.

I work for many years with this beautiful sacred plant from Gabon. I work with the alkaline part of it that has been extracted from the root bark and I work one on one or small groups (max 6 people). Why? Energy healing is a very sacred process. In order to heal, it is very important to protect the energy of the person who drinks Ibogaine. So if I work with a group, they will all have their own sacred bedroom. So do contact me if you are ready for a one-on-one journey, as your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world.

Consultations are often done in my house, so you can feel and see the space where you will drink this medicine. Besides that I work with you the moment we start the process and after. I always give you an aftercare bag with medicines for the aftercare and incense sticks to clear your space at home. It is for me very important to reflect a loving and safe space. The safer you feel, the more effective the medicine will work.

How does Ibogaine work?

First, it is important that you feel (the calling) to drink it, because it is not a quick fix. Second, you have to feel to drink it with me as the medicine is coming from my energy. Third, I have the feeling to serve you. This is important, as the intention of the healing needs to be clear and pure.

Ibogaine does what it needs to do. It will give you the insights about yourself, about your feeling as this is you. Often we put expectations in our subconscious mind by reading articles and listening to stories of others. But often we forget an Ibogaine experience of someone else is a reflection. You are unique, your soul is unique, and so Ibogaine work unique with you. When you have a calling to drink Ibogaine, I always say you attracted Ibogaine and Ibogaine reflects your TRUTH. What is TRUTH? Your TRUTH (feeling) is written in your blueprint, your DNA. And Ibogaine knows your truth and will clean what is necessary and when you allow the plant to do its beautiful work. Yes, allow it. Letting go and trusting the plant is for many people very hard. But I can tell you, this is the only way to the feeling of freedom. I always say I mirror you the tools, the key, but you have to unlock it! In the end, you are the one to unlock your heart and you are your own healer.

For decades we allowed the system to manipulate us, for many years we have transferred unsolved trauma’s through our DNA. This result we see in humanity. Humanity is in pain. I mean, it’s not natural that so many people are not feeling happy and taking all those anti depressants, sleeping tablets. Besides all those drugs that people are taking, many people are numbing their feeling in many ways: alcohol, food, sugar, gambling, sport, porno, party drugs, television, gaming. Many people say I don’t need Ibogaine because I am not an addict? Well, to be honest we live in an addictive world, as most people have a co dependency and this is a form of an addiction. I believe that all people on earth have the right to be happy, but you are the only one that can achieve this. Happiness is a feeling, and only your soul knows how this feels. Feelings of love, happiness, are there in every soul, hidden under all those false belief systems and blockages. So the only way to to heal is to feel those feelings, to acknowledge them and to release them so the light can come in. Ibogaine is brilliant in this. Ibogaine cleans your neuro transmitters. The neuro transmitters have a function to scan and to give the sign what is truth, yes or no. This is only possible when the neurotransmitters are connected with your heart, as your heart will give a sign by a feeling what is truth and what not. Truth feels truth as it resonates with your soul. The moment you are blocked with feelings as fear, anger, your feeling of truth is hidden and so the neuro transmitters don’t function the way they should. This is why people live from their mind. From their EGO. They don’t feel anymore and they don’t know what is good for them and not. Besides clearing and cleaning the neuro transmitters, Ibogaine can also show you and let you feel why you have blockages. This plant gives you insides who you are. Why things happened in your life and clear those blockages. It is important to know that healing is an art, a process. So trust the plant that it will do what it needs to do and the healing will be in the right timing.

The beauty of Ibogaine is that this plant works effectively for a month in your body, if not longer. So the actual work is being done after drinking Ibogaine. I can describe that suddenly things become clear. It can be that you know now after drinking Ibogaine to quit this toxic job, or to listen more to your feeling.

The plant will do what it needs to do as you allow it.