You ATTRACT what you need to HEAL

My TRUTH about pain!

Often we think someone is hurting us, but actually that person is nothing more then a trigger of an old pain that we carry. That is the beauty and the magic of the universe. I meet a lot of people and I read a lot of stories of people where they mention that someone else broke their heart. This is actually not true. No one can break your heart, you will always be responsible for this pain in your heart. Often this is an old pain and that other person is just there to get that pain to the surface. This pain has often to do with a pain from the childhood, but it can also be from a former life.

The beauty of a heart break or a pain in your heart that in the end it will lead to expanding your heart. As we have the feeling that the other person is hurting us, for example by cheating or not being honest we can only clear this feeling by facing it and to be honest with yourself. So the question is always why does it hurt me so much. By going to the pain and facing it and then forgiving yourself and the other will lead to an expending of your heart.

The people with a lot of soul lessons are often the people that guide other people to heal themselves too. As they understand on a soul level what it is to experience pain as abuse, psychical, sexually and mentally. When they face their pain and replace it with self love and compassion they can help other people.
They have learned through life that everything happens for a reason and that it doesn’t help if you keep on holding grudge or anger. Because that is the truth. If you are angry with a person then you keep that anger in YOU. The other person is sometimes not even aware of this.

When you realize that you are the creator of your life, that you are responsible for everything what happens in your life it will make it easier to look at yourself and to embrace your emotions and to replace every negative emotion with love and forgiveness for yourself.

Self love = polishing your heart with any emotion that doesn’t resonate with love. To embrace every negative emotion and to face every emotion in order to heal. To replace every negative emotion with forgiveness and love for yourself.

Only LOVE is REAL.

Much love&light

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