What is suffering and why do so many people run away from it?

Suffering is a feeling often based on fear. I always mention a trauma is a trauma and it doesn’t matter what. We labelled trauma’s and diseases and we tent to judge what is worse or not. I feel that we cannot judge a feeling as a feeling is always based on your own TRUTH. And if you do judge which is ok, KNOW that you always judge something in yourself which reflects in the other.

People are afraid to face the suffering as they THINK they will suffer more, but the truth is that someone can only end the suffering when you acknowledge the suffering and feel it and understand it in order to let go. So many people are taking DRUGS from pharmaceuticals, but those pills are covering the pain. It is like a plaster on a wound and this wound wants to be healed, so often the wound will grow bigger and often people put another plaster over it. Like in life, using masks to cover who they truly are, covering the pain. But we all FEEL when we meet a person if they are TRUE or NOT.

People are also afraid to face the suffering because they like it, the suffering has become their identity, they love to be a victim. Because the TRUTH is that anyone if they WANT to can be healed.

And people are afraid to face the suffering because they have to admit because they have been living a lie and what must the surrounding think of them?

So the base of suffering is FEAR. Control is FEAR, anxiety is FEAR, anger is FEAR. Fear to trust, to let go. Fear to be rejected, fear to be alone (=all – one).

Only by speaking TRUTH to yourself and facing yourself you can heal. I am very grateful that we live in a time that more and more people are facing their TRUTH and are tired of the fakeness in the world. But the truth is the world is so fake as so many people are disconnected.

Strong old souls are waking up, knowing that if they clean themselves from the inside out that they will raise the consciousness, the energy of LOVE. Because under all those layers, there is only the energy of LOVE. And LOVE is POWER. Control is weakness as control is based on FEAR. The system is cracking, the system is control, so this is based on FEAR. Governments are based on FEAR, Schools are based on FEAR. Every system that there is to control is based on FEAR, so how easy is it , because only LOVE can conquer FEAR.

Everything that has been made in the low vibration or let me say it like this has been made with the intention to control or to manipulate will disappear. This I have been feeling for a while and this is happening now. Everything is frequency and the highest frequency is LOVE and that is POWER.

So it is up to you if you are willing to face yourself and to end your suffering, What do you choose, to live the rest of your life in FEAR or to step out of your comfort zone and live the life of your HEART. Because I know the GRASS IS GREENER on the other side.

Have a beautiful weekend and do contact me if you need guidance.

Much love & TRUTH