I have always known that everything happens for a reason. I want to tell you a story that happened when I was in South Africa. I lived in Somerset West with my husband and the moment I moved to South Afrika 1th of April 2013 I had the feeling I had a hernia. And also that happened for a reason. But that story I will explain later.

Our marriage immediately went down when we moved. Our energies didn’t fit anymore. And of course with my backpain I was not so happy and I felt he was not happy. So we had a lot of fights. And we were screaming a lot to each other.

So one evening we had dinner with friends (thank you universe having my beautiful friends) in Casa Valdez and the service was not so well, so we decided not to pay 10% tip but like 6%. So the waitress was not amused. So in the end I decided to pay the 10% not to have arguments anymore. At that moment my husband came to me and shouted to me that it is always my fault that things go wrong. So I left the restaurant, I called my friend and I decided to go with her to her house as I couldn’t bear it anymore. Then my phone rung like 10 times, so in the end I picked up. And I heard from our other friend my husbanded was attacked in the bar. Out of nothing a boerkie came to my husband and he told him that he should pay more tip. My husband told him that is not of your business and that moment he gave him a knock on his face and my husband broke his jaw.

Earlier that day a Dutch jaw surgeon checked into the guesthouse for FOUR WEEKS. So I told my ex, this is meant to be, this is a sign of course! Of course he didn’t believe that. But this was true. I felt it.

So the next day my ex wanted to go to a jaw surgeon and he didn’t want to tell the guest anything. So we went to one in Stellenbosch and I felt immediately that he was not honest and that he only wanted to make money. Because he suggested to operate, put steel in it etc. I told him that I didn’t believe that and by the way we had no insurance so we had to go for the cheapest option.

I begged my husband to go to the Dutch one, but he didn’t want to. So I had to respect that. So he went for the option that his jaw would be sewed. And this would last for 6 weeks.

So of course now the Dutch surgeon knew that he jaw was broken, because he could hardly speak. I always told my husband that I had the feeling that he would not have this jaw sewed for 6 weeks. I don’t know why but that was my feeling. Two weeks later, the Dutch jaw surgeon asked me for the xrays. So I got them and send them through. The Dutch jaw surgeon analyzed them and send them even through to an university to have a double check. They came both to the conclusion that the jaw was broken so beautiful that even the sewing was unnecessary. The jaw would also have been fixed if he would not chewed for 6 weeks on the broken side. So the Dutch jaw surgeon told my husband that and suggested to cut them open. My husband was still a bit afraid and he wanted to wait for an extra week. So after three weeks we cut the metal in his mouth.

This is the magic of the universe. It was already written in the stars that my husband has chosen for this lesson. Because the synchronicity of this is magic. And then you can see, if you feel something, then you know it is the truth!