Psilocybin Journey one on one:

Not only I work with Ibogaine, but I also work with beautiful medicinal mushrooms. I use always a mix of strains. This can be per journey different.

Medicinal mushrooms

I work with the most sacred, clean medicinal powder form that has to be mixed with pure fresh apple juice. Before I give you the mushrooms, I give you a sacred tea that will open your heart so mushrooms,ooms will have a double effect.

I do one on one ceremonies as I feel that every inward journey is very sacred. These teachers are excellent to help with depression, anxiety but again also to give you insights and answers about your own truth. They are magnificent teachers to open your heart. A session is at my home where you will be guided from 4 pm till the next morning.

Price South Africa:

R 2222

Price Europe:

222 EURO (excl. location)

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