Honeybush – South Africa


Grown with love for land and sea

Named after the scent of my flowers, I’m pure honeybush (cyclopia longifolia) – a fynbos plant and not strictly a tea. Years ago, people made “blommetjiestee” (flower tea) from the honeybush, but now I’m harvested before I blossom for the best flavour. I grow organically along the Garden Route in areas where I add value to the coastal ecosystem. Once plucked, I’m gently fermented and processed to retain my flavour and healthy-givingproperties.



Ingredients: 100% honeybush.  (50G – 25 Cups).

Flavour: Fruity and woody with delicate, naturally sweet notes of honey.

Aroma: Undertones of wood and honey.

Health benefits: They say I boost the immune system and lessen inflammation.


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