I guide through the process, before, during and after. My consults before and after are included in the price as I am here to teach to feel again! The price is in South Africa R3750 per person for 500 mg and R4250 for max 1 gram. If you want to drink again with me the price is R3250 for 500 mg and then R3750 for max 1 gram.

From the 11th of July 2019 till November 2019 I will be in Holland and the most of the time at Mallorca. I will serve Ibogaine and hold retreats in Europe. An one on one ceremony is 350 euro for 500 mg including all the consults before and after the sacred journey and 385 euro for max 1 gram. IF you decide to drink again Ibogaine with me then the price is 300 euro voor 500 mg en 335 for max 1 gram. Do contact me on one of the following numbers

AFRICA: + 27 71 2039420 (WHATS APP NUMBER)

HOLLAND: + 31 6 612 96 277 (from 11th of July – 24th of July 2019)

SPAIN: + 34 674 560 766 (from 24th of July – November 2019)

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