Other Medicinal Plants

Other medicinal plants

Not only I work with Ibogaine, but I also work with the following beautiful teachers:


I work with the most sacred clean medicinal powder form that has to be mixed with pure fresh apple juice. I do one on one ceremonies as well as these teachers are very good to help with depresiion, amxiety but again also to give you insights and answers about your own truth. A session is between the 3-5 hours and the prices are:

SA: R 1500

EU: 120 euro


I work with the seeds of Syrian roo which I use to make different custom medicines, but also as a tea and in combination with magic mushrooms

Syrian rue is good for depression, cancer, diabetes, painful menstruation, hypothermia, insomnia, pain, parasites, Parkinson’s disease, and a joint disorder called rheumatoid arthritis.

Syrian rue, scientific name Peganum Harmala, is a perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean and various regions of Asia. It can now also be found growing wild on the American continent. Part of the Nitrariaceae plant family, Syrian rue can grow up to 1m, but in the wild rarely gets above 0.3m in height. It has narrow leaves that are usually 5 cm long when fully grown and produces many single white flowers.

The seeds of Syrian rue are of most interest, as they contain the harmala alkaloids harmine and harmaline – highly psychoactive alkaloids that are sometimes used to potentiate other plants, although it is reported that harmala alkaloids are psychoactive by themselves. They also act as reversible MAO inhibitors (RIMAs), for which reason Peganum Harmala is commonly used to activate oral DMT.

As Syrian rue is for everyone different, please do contact me if you are interested

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