Micro dosing cannabis oil is very good to treat anxiety, ADHD, chronic pain, depression, and poor quality of sleep may benefit from cannabis microdosing. Some conditions are more effectively treated with a microdose than a full dose. Many users, for example, report that while a full dose can worsen their anxiety, a cannabis microdose can alleviate it.

A study looked at chemotherapy patients using cannabis to treat their pain. They found that those using low doses actually experienced more pain relief than those on high doses. Another study found that microdosing cannabis was effective at reversing age-related memory loss in elderly mice.

Microdosing cannabis can also be effective for those merely looking to add something extra to their day. Many users report that while a high dose can leave them couch-locked, a microdose can get them energised, giving them the kick they need for a creative, productive, and joyful day. Athletes sometimes also microdose with cannabis, as the improved endurance and reduced inflammation can help level-up their performance.

You can take every day a micro dose every moment at the day, the way you feel it. Because this is how medicines work, you take it when you FEEL it. So that can be every day, but also 1 in the days. When you feel it then it works.

I provide 30 tablets of microdose cannabis oil (qo MG) for 350 rand (25 euro).

I also have 25 mg – 50 mg and 100 mg. Contact me for prices.