Micro dosing is a method of taking small “unnoticeable” dosages of psychedelic substances regularly, over a period of weeks or months, as a mental tonic reported to offer far-reaching benefits. For example, cannabis, root-bark ibogaine, san pedro and magic mushrooms are a few psychedelic substances growing in popularity among a far-ranging audience, from those struggling with depression, to those seeking greater innovative thinking.

I offer Micro dosing support, and sell cannabis, magic mushrooms, san pedro and root bark ibogaine in microdose dosages. These beautiful plant medicines provide great benefit for inner health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Root bark Ibogaine is made of the alkaline part of the Ibogaine plant, and reportedly helps one feel grounded, deeply connected within, and free of negative energies.

When taking Root bark Ibogaine, you will feel more connected within, more grounded in your truth, and more uplifted, focused and strong in your life.

Many take Root bark Ibogaine to counter and ward off depression, to treat traumatic experiences, and to negate all negative feelings.

You can take a microdose of root bark Ibogaine every day in the morning, OR how you FEEL it would serve you best. This is HOW plant medicines work, you take it when you FEEL it would be most helpful. While there is no “set in stone recommendation,” you can take this plant medicine every day, or every 2-3 days. You will see, you will soon FEEL when it will work best for you.

The fee for 30 tablets of micro dose Root bark Ibogaine is 250 rand (25 EURO) Excl. sending costs.