Very grateful to have mastered the technique of the ancient Japanese facial massage: Kobi-do – ” the ancient way of beauty”. I use this technique in combination with my own healing energy and to channel energy without using any plant medicines.

My energy will naturally activate your energy in order to heal and I am very grateful that I can transcend my energy through a beautiful relaxing ancient facial massage.  I wanted to learn this technique as facial massages makes me personally very happy.  With this treatment I activate your light in your body but I also allow you to release what doesn’t serve you anymore. Besides the relaxing activation this massage is also very good as it has a natural lifting effect. I will also get messages and will channel this energy.

Kobi-do means ” the ancient way of beauty”  and it is very good to ground yourself and to connect with your higher self. Not only it is good for the inner, but it is also good for the skin and many people even have the same result as a face lift. KOBI-DO’s philosophy is that ultimate beauty comes from perfect balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. A KOBI-DO treatment by me is designed to optimize your health and

The roots of Kobi-do can be found in Chinese traditional medicine. However, Kobi-do facial massage was really born years later in Japan, where samurais used to give themselves face massages to calm down their mind after intense battles. An empress realized one day that this massage gave them a brightening aspect and kept the idea for her. Even if we are not sure that this story is 100% true,  Kobi-do facial massage is known since then as the empresses’ massage.

This technique lies in a mix of fast and slow hands’ movements to improve the deep circulation of the face, neck and upper chest part. To massage with different speed levels is essential since it permits to destroy dead cells and to foment elastin and collagen production, both so useful for our skin health. Like that, it is possible to obtain a real rejuvenation effect: wrinkles are smoothed, volumes are restored and of course, the skin is brighter. After the first session, you already can see some results which increase in the medium and long-term.

Activating your energy and connecting yourself more strongly to your soul are not the only benefits. Looking a few years younger is not the unique benefit that Kobi-do facial massage can provide. It also has other beneficial powers for the health:

  • Helps with stress
  • Connecting mind – body & soul
  • Grounds your energy
  • Provides a complete relaxation and wellness
  • Reduces bruxism effects
  • Relieves headaches
  • Avoids facial rigidity
  • Decreases some digestive system problems
  • Improves the eyesight

If you FEEL to have a beautiful healing Kobi-do massage please do contact me – +27 71 203 9420

Price Kobi-do:

South Africa:

R777 for one hour


77 Euro for one hour

Much love & gratitude

Tamara Wensing