How magical is it that mother nature provides us with everything to heal ourselves? That is why I love plant medicines, they all carry an ancient wisdom and every plant carries an unique frequency that will match with our frequency.

Blessed to have done my first plant journey in South Africa where I drank Ibogaine. Wow, I immediately fell in love with this plant spirit and from that day I felt a special connection. I have been working since 2014 intense with Ibogaine and now for a few years I serve this medicine to beautiful souls. I know how to work with the Ibogaine spirit as I know we have met many times in other lifetimes. But not only I have a strong connection with Ibogaine, also with Syrian Rue, Medicinal Mushrooms and Cannabis oil. I work with only the most sacred plant medicines. So I know where they come from and I prepare them myself or my close alchemist friend is preparing them. I make micro doses and I just know what to make you when you cross my path. I am always communicating with my higher self.

only the energy of the plant is important, but also the energy of the person that is serving the plant medicine and making plant medicines. It is the same with eating food, the chef is just as important. And this a lot of people forget. You can order on the internet, but you don’t know what you get, especially when you are disconnected from your feeling. In the end it is always your own choice to do what you feel, but now that the energy of the person behind the plant medicine goes in the plant medicine.

For me it is important that energies feel good because I need to feel to serve you medicines and you need to feel it with me, so we keep the intention pure. When the intention is pure, plant medicines can give miracles. But you have to be ready and you have to feel it.

I love to work with my own energy to activate the souls that cross my own path. My sacred teaching is to activate the universal truth that has been written in the DNA of every human being and that is as within – so without. The outer world is a creation and manifestation of your inner world. Since I have unconditional access to my inner wisdom I get many downloads about how frequency works, how we can change and understand our feeling and how the mirror effect works.  How we can cure illnesses and how to make medicines. It is a beautiful feeling to gain so much love and wisdom from my inner being and it is an honour  that I can transcend this energy and when you allow this, your soul will be activated. Activation means your soul is alive again and that is why It will push those low frequencies to the surface, in order to feel and to heal.

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