I am very happy to offer sessions in order to activate your DNA, your light. There is one wisdom imprinted in everyone’s DNA and that is the universal truth that the outer is a reflection of the inner.

In these sessions I offer:

  • Energetic healing
  • My teachings around conscious as well as unconscious feelings
  • My teachings around the mirror, that your feeling is projected on the outside world
  • Discuss & activate trigger points
  • Access and confront feelings that could be keeping you stuck

Only once you’re able to fully connect with these feelings, will you be in a position to feel the emotional freedom you so richly deserve. So, are you ready to live your best life & step into your light by deeply understanding that your feelings have nothing to do with the external.

They are ALL a reflection and part of you.

Pricing structure starts per 1 hour sessions from:

  • SA: R888,00
  • OVERSEAS: $88.00

Of course, longer sessions can be tailor-made to suit your individual healing requirements.

With love and immense gratitude.

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