Many years shamans and pshycics told me that I light up other people. Now I know what they meant. My energy carries a high frequency and so does my voice. I channel the energy of Mary Magdalena and of the High Priestess Isis from Egypt. Very healing and powerful energies that can activate any soul on earth.

This is why my voice activates and my being activates as well. That is why I activate by Skype or telephone and by consult as well. The main activation is to touch your soul as you allow it and as it is activated you will different after having spoken with me. Pain can come to the surface, but you can also feel lighter as in the consult we work on your healing. The main teaching is the Universal Truth, AS WITHIN – SO WITHOUT. Not only I help you release low frequencies, but I also teach you (activate you) to remember the wisdom that your outer world is reflection of your inner world.

I developed a questionnaire that I will send you the moment our souls decide both to work with each other. By filling in this questionnaire, you will see you will activate your soul already. In the consultation we will discuss this and activate further there where you are ready.


I attract people that know they have a purpose to help humanity and the Earth. They know they are healers as well. I am there to guide you and to make you understand how the universal TRUTH works: As within – so without. Only when you understand the universal truth on a very deep level, then you are able to find your own truth.

Universal TRUTH: The outer vibrational world is a reflection of the inner vibrational world and I can explain this, feel this and give you the TOOLS to adjust it. You are always your own healer and teacher.

This means our feeling, our inside creates our outer world. We think now that the outer world is responsible for our inner wold. But this is the biggest false belief system there is. No one in the world is responsible for a feeling that you have inside. The outside can only be trigger for an existing pain in yourself.

We create our own visions based on our feelings in our subconscious. If you want to change your vision, then you need you need to change your feelings in your subconscious. This goes deep as all the people that cross my path has chosen a bloodline with a lot of pain, with pain I mean low frequencies.

These low frequencies come the surface when you are ready to release them. When you are ready to face and to feel them. When a low frequency comes the surface it manifest in a vision on the outside, this can be a person or a situation. We have been raised that the outside is responsible for your pain inside, but actually it is the other way around. Your pain inside creates the outside. This is why we get what we are ready for, as this is your own creation.

As we have grown up with the false belief system that the outer is responsible for the inner we avoid the outer, not knowing, we avoid actually the inner. We avoid our own soul that is ready for healing. When we avoid the low frequencies that come to the surface we manifest diseases, burn outs, cancer, accidents, trauma’s. Yes we create it all by ourselves.

As we all want to manifest the life of our dreams, we must first manifest the feeling of unconditional love inside of ourselves. This unconditional love is inside in every human being, it has been written in our DNA, in our Blueprint. In order to get there we need to remove the low frequencies in our system. Low frequencies don’t belong to our soul. In the end we can only attract WHO WE ARE. And who are is written in the blueprint.

In order to find your own beautiful TRUTH you need first to understand the universal TRUTH and that is what I teach and which I activate with my light. My light will trigger your light and this way low frequencies come to the surface. I do this with looking in your eyes and asking certain questions that will trigger you. Before you will get a list with questions that you need to fill in and at the hand of this list I will ask questions that will bring the pain points to the surface and you voice them out. My light will light will catalyse the pain and will transform this into the light as YOU ALLOW THIS. Your are always your own healer. A beautiful way to face yourself without taking and plant medicines.

Do you feel that you are as well a teacher, to be in service of humanity of the Earht? Then book a session with me.

A session is R700 in SA and 77 euro in Europe. A session is about one hour.

Lots of love & TRUTH, as only the TRUTH will set your free

Tamara Wensing

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