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I live most of the time in Europe in Mallorca where I serve Ibogaine on location. I do one on one ceremonies for 1 night and I do a 2 days and 2 night retreat. We can always discuss the option to serve it elsewhere in Europe or in the world as I travel with my medicines. Anything is possible!

Before you decide to drink Ibogaine I will have an intake with you to feel each other as you and me have to have both the feeling to work together. Only then the intention is pure and this is very important for me. When we agreed on serving you Ibogaine I will guide you from that moment one. All my consultations are included in the treatment as well as the aftercare!


I will come to your place or a place you have chosen where you will have your own room and where I also have my own room for my sacred energy. We will start the ceremony as soon as I am there. I will guide through the whole process. I will check you every 2 hours until you are totally in the journey. It is a very conscious journey which is very beautiful. The next morning I will guide you through and will advise you what to do. I will leave in the morning as this day is very important to integrate the plant. This day is for you to be in silence, in nature. But to let all the energy run through. In the evening you can take cannabis oil which I will give you. This is to integrate even more.

The price is 550 euro for the first dose and the second dose is 35 euro extra. This price is including all the consultations, guidance and cannabis. This price is for Cape Town area, if you live further from town we will discuss the price. My heart is open to anything.


During these two days I work with three plant teachers: Ibogaine, Magic Mushrooms and cannabis oil. This retreat will be hold in nature or at a place you provide. This retreat I do for max 6 people. They need to have all their own room and I have to have also my own sacred space. Besides serving the medicines I will also provide organic juices and meals.

So if you truly want to take YOUR UNIVERSE to the next level, this is one sure way to kick start the journey to your heart!

The price is variable, as it depends of the location. But without the location the price is 750 euro – 785 euro. for all the medicines, food and drinks and the guidance.

You can provide a location and if I need to provide a location then it will cost extra.

So if you feel to drink it, contact me. I can serve max 6 people, but they need all to have their own room and I also need my own sacred space.

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Much love&TRUTH


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