Aftercare Ibogaine

Aftercare is actually meaning to care after for yourself (Ibogaine means to take care for)

If you always did what you did, you will always get what you got. This means also for you after an Ibogaine ceremony. A lot can happen, shifts, cleaning up your system and this you will notice when you come back in your life again. Then the real work actually happens. The most important thing is go with your feeling and to acknowledge this feeling. Ibogaine is still active for 30 days in your body and so only after 30 days and sometimes 60 days we can actually feel what really has changes. I am also there to help get through after Ibogaine if you feel. One consult is included in the ceremony and if you feel to have more guidance with me then I would suggest every week an hour consultation. The price is R555 for SA and R77 euro for Europe.

Continue the vegan diet if you feel it, the less toxic food you put in your system after, the better. Avoid places that don’t feel good anymore. Be true to your feeling.

Often we are to hard for ourselves, but Ibogaine is a tool to give you insights about your truth and this goes always through your feeling. Your feeling is actually your teacher.

It can be that you feel down after a treatment, analyse and embrace those feelings. It means that you have to take it easy and to listen to this feeling. It can be that certain friends doesn’t resonate with you anymore. This is actually very normal as when the inner changes, the outer changes to. So it can be that you don’t vibrate with certain people anymore. This is normal. But the fact is how do you deal with is.

It can be that your eating pattern changes completely. Eat what you feel, do not conditioning yourself. It all is about your feeling.

It can also be that you feel very energetic that is can also be. We are all unique and we differ from our feelings and this is how it works. IF you keep on feeling not well, contact me. There is always space to express. I will be in contact always with anyone that have drunk Ibogaine to guide them.

It can also be that you feel a bit lost, try to ground yourself. Go in nature. exercise, shower meditations and an Epsom bath is also very good to clean.

But it all starts with you. Ibogaine is not a quick fix and healing is an art. When we embrace this it goes more in a flow. It is acknowledging your soul and the process. Not to hide away. You get what you are ready for.

You will see that the it is immense healing to start speaking your truth, this means be honest with anyone and anything around you. Everyone and anything around you is your mirror so if you are not honest, you are not honest with yourself. Speaking truth will allow you to discover yourself and to step more and more into your beautiful light. And your truth will activate others and this is the beauty of healing and finding your truth.

Also important is to understand that every feeling you get with someone or a situation is to know that that feeling is activated in you. That is why everything outside yourself what gives you a feeling a mirror. So analyse those feelings. How do you feel with your parents for example. Parents are the biggest teachers and how you feel with them is nice to analyse. For example you feel not yourself with your parents, this means they reflect an unhealed part in you. Same with animals, they are great teachers for our feelings. Are you for example afraid of spiders, well the spider just triggers an existing fear in you. And that is why everything in life is feeling and this is how you can analyse and understand your feeling. All feelings that don’t belong to love need to be first acknowledged in order to heal them. Be aware of those feelings and observe them without blaming the outside. This is actually the universal truth. All our feelings belongs to ourselves and the outside is just a beautiful triiger or call it a teacher.

And don’t forget everything is always the way it should be, a very nice mantra if it is getting to much. And please do contact me if you feel you need more guidance.

Much love & TRUTH

Tamara Wensing

071 203 94 20

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