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Very grateful to have find my purpose and that is guide people to feel again. To teach and to mirror the universal TRUTH as within so without.

I have had a deep knowing since I was young, I just knew what to do as I had a deep truth and a deep knowing. A knowing you cannot explain as I only felt it.  In Africa after going within and to understand myself I found my true self and I found out that this knowing is coming from my soul, a wisdom inside me that I needed to discover after getting rid off all those false belief systems. I know that we here on earth to feel as everything is energy. Everything is feeling, everything is a reflection of a feeling.

I notice that a lot of people have lost the connection with their true self as they don’t feel anymore. So I guide people that cross my path to feel again. I do this with my energy, I call myself a teacher, an activator as you will always be your own healer, but if you allow my light to activate your light the healing has started. Besides my own energy I can give guidance with card readings, energy readings and I am proud to work with the master plants Ibogaine, Medicinal Mushrooms, Syrian Rue and Cannabis oil. Ibogaine is also called the plant of the TRUTH. This plant reflects your original blueprint. Because in your blueprint, call it DNA is written who you are and why you are on earth. So many people want to know their purpose, but I know if you don’t know who you are you will not get your purpose. Your purpose is a reflection of your SOUL and your soul needs to feel one in order to attract your purpose. Which is actually logical as your purpose can only be done with unconditional love and when you still don’t have found this love for yourself your purpose won’t come along. If you decide to drink Ibogaine I will guide you from beginning to end including one consult before and one consult after.  Aftercare is very important after having had plant medicines,  because often your life can change intense of you allow it. I offer consultations to guide you after the ceremonies.

I guide people in South Africa and in Europe. Hereby my numbers if you need guidance:

AFRICA: + 27 82 750 5391

Or you can send me an email: tamara@tamarawensing.com

Much love & gratitude

Tamara Wensing

My Background

I have exactly always known as a child that I felt things very well. But of course people around you make you doubt. For example I knew I would have enough money always and that I would be financial free before I was 40, this happened. I also knew as a child that it was my universe and as a child I couldn’t understand why there was so much pain in poverty in the world, while I was thinking this was not necessary.

I was born in Schiedam in a working class family, my father was electrician and my mother cleaned houses. I have seen them struggling and I was persisted to do anything what would make me happy. This has been so strong in me, that I only listened to me, with the result most people didn’t understand me. But I didn’t understand them. I did not understand all those families where I saw they were not happy, but pretending. I picked up every energy at that time already. Many people asked me how do you know that? Well know I know, it is an knowing, a feeling that is coming from your soul. I knew when I was young, that I would start my own company and that I would leave Holland. This knowing is based on  a feeling, a remembering from your soul. Because we are here to remember who we are, as we can only ATTRACT who we are.

As I always followed my feeling, I was aligned, so my process went fast and I always met the right people in the right timing. I had like 9 jobs in 6 years and when I was 27 I started with Antoin van Delst www.florisgifts.nl. We loved it and we started quite successfully. The key was we followed our feeling and we spoke TRUTH to our clients. But for some reason after a few years I missed the excitement and I still remember that I was down and I asked while I was looking at the starts, please bring me something else. Six months later my and my partner we bought a house in South Africa, with the intention to start a guesthouse. When we bought the house we had a lack of 150 000 euro and we had one time to make it work. I always said, well if it is meant to be it will be. And yes everything came together and we had the excitement to move. Again it became a success. I didn’t researched anything as I believed in myself. I deep knowing that our guesthouse will be the best. And yes we created that, we had more then 100 reviews and a average of 9.4 on booking.com. But still I was not happy and this unhappiness manifested in a hernia and I needed to be operated. That day 13th of August 2014 I made the decision to separate and to sell. I was afraid, yes, how did it come? Our dream is gone and I have a back operation. I knew I created that pain. And yes a back is the base chakra, support for yourself. I have been only busy with the outside and now it was time to go within.. Yes I was afraid, but I started asking for signs and I got them and so I didn’t give up. My process went fast, I encountered so many lessons, for going to jail in Cape Town, abusive toxic relationship, ending up in a clinic, having an abortion and being left alone on an island without a working credit card. Yes I had my lessons and deep down I knew this was meant to be. I had so much anger in me, so much anxiety, and now it is GONE. Now I am grateful to say, yes all those lessons were blessings in disguise. Because pain is actually LOVE. pain is there to expand your heart. How beautiful is this. . When you know that this is your UNIVERSE, that this is your movie, then you can change anything. You can heal anything.  That s the key. To find the KEY, you must FEEL it and this is where my beautiful soul can help you. I have the tools, but you have to use them.

Further I’m very grateful to serve SACRED MEDICINE PLANTS  and to make my own MEDICINES for the people that want to feel again and to come closer to their heart, to their truth. Because a lot of people do not follow their heart, because they lost the connection with it. And you can only follow your heart by feeling what is good for and what is not good for you. We have allowed the system to make us believe that everything is outside ourselves, we created actually a victim society. We blame everything outside ourselves if something goes wrong. But this is not the TRUTH. The TRUTH is that how we perceive the world is a direct reflection of how we feel inside. If we want to change the outer world we need to inside and to feel what needs to be changed. So Within, So without,.

We are here on earth to experience unconditional love in a human body and we all connected. But you can only know that we all connected if you feel one with yourself. You can only know what true love is, if you discover this feeling inside yourself. And this is what happened, we labelled feelings and feelings can only be felt. And only your soul knows deep down how unconditional love feels. That is why we need to get rid of everything that doesn’t belong to unconditional love. One thing I know we will shift into the vibration of LOVE. Because only LOVE IS REAL.

Much love & TRUTH, Tamara


Tamara definitely speaks frank from her heart, from her wisdom and from her good will to help others. Her approach through medicine plants, and the diverse activities she does around self-discovery and healing, while she shows the practice of her work on herself, makes Tamara and her team to be trustworthy and totally reliable as a person and as a great mentor for everyone’s soul.


We all might think we have overcome the negative events and experiences in our lives and we have!!! The reality still remains that these energies might still be part of us.
“We can’t fight darkness with darkness. We have to find compassion, and embrace the darkness inside of us in order to understand it and ultimately transcend it.”
Thank you Tamara for introducing me to Ibogaine and helping me face the darkness and accept it to feel detached and enlightened into a new dimension!


‘As an old soul experiencing a quarter-life crisis, I had a void of unanswered questions in my heart. In my pursuit to find purpose and happiness, I developed numerous addictions – you name it, I was secretly abusing it. But through one of those addictions, I met an altruistic soul who gifted the experience of healing with Ibogaine and put me in touch with the incandescent alchemist, Tamara Wensing.
I had heard about this magical plant medicine many years ago and it resonated so strongly with what I needed. Without hesitation, she welcomed me into her home to discuss a one-on-one journey, where I burst into tears. My connection to the energy from her heart was immediate, uplifting and supportive.
Within the next few days, the stars aligned serendipitously, ending a toxic, co-dependent relationship. I was ready to find my truth with Tamara keeping a safe space and checking in on me every hour after ingesting the first dose. Having nothing to lose, I surrendered to the waves of physical purging and embraced the deeply profound visions that followed for the next 24 hours.
And without saying too much (because your journey should be authentic), Paul Ferrini sums it up perfectly; ‘You will not live through the night. Something you have held onto for lifetimes will be ripped away from you. And the gods will dance on your torn body. For they know, you have finally been humbled and vanquished.’
In the morning, I emerged with the sun rising. Filled with an immense lightness of being and radiating indescribable self-love. This would be a day of integrating with a higher vibrational state, journalling my experiences for reflection and basking in the afterglow of Ibogaine.
I’m so honoured to have spent that time under the caring wings of Tamara, sipping warm tea and discussing the beauty of the plant. It has been the catalyst for massive shifts in my life, seemingly beyond my control, and unexpected abundance which I can only attribute to the release of unresolved (childhood) trauma and unconscious fear-loops that kept me stuck and despondent.
My wish is for this heart-felt review to resonate with anyone who is open to finding their true self. I have so much love for this plant and will be forever grateful to the beautiful hearts that co-manifested it into my life.’
Best wishes


I had the pleasure of attending an Ibogaine Retreat with Tamara and her teams a few weeks back in the gorgeous wine-lands of the South Western Cape. The location chosen was a solid home run. Surrounded by the mountains of the Paaderberg, the old farm house and gardens made the perfect setting for a medicine Journey. Tamaras passion for ensuring the best for her clients was obvious from the onset. We were well briefed in advance and again prior to the event. My prior dietary preparation based on her guidance ensured that I had an excellent a challenge free experience. The first eight hours of the journey were intense but extremely insightful, with many lessons gleaned and appreciated. The contemplative stage was equally insightful.

The Human Body is an incredible biochemical/electrical machine of mind boggling complexity. It is intimately connected to a much greater universal intelligence that has for millions of years overseen the maintenance and continuation of the specifies. To directly connect to this mechanism and get to see who you are for the first time in your life is a privilege of a life time.

This Sacred Plant Medicine experience invites us reconsider humanity once again reconnecting more intimately with the natural world and our plant heritage. The Sacred Teacher plants are the missing piece linking the human mind to its natural heritage.

Tamaras attention to detail makes this retreat an exceptional experience. I highly recommend her services and guidance. Thank you Guys for a magnificent retreat.
Coatzalcoatlx Jan 2019

DUBAI – Coatzalcoatlx – JANUARY 2019

“I recently had the privilege of experiencing a private ibogaine retreat, facilitated by Tamara and Ilona. The retreat took place in a picturesque farm in Paarl, surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenery. From the moment I arrived, I felt so welcomed and comfortable.
Both Tamara and Ilona radiate immense love and compassion, I felt confident that I was in the best place possible to have my first ibogaine journey.
Even though the experience was a challenging one, my overall feeling was that I was so taken care of, every moment was perfect and I am already looking forward to my next journey with this amazing team.
Reflecting on the week that has passed since my retreat, I now have a sense of calm, peace and happiness that was previously missing from my life. This plant medicine is without a doubt, something very special and sacred indeed, and that is why I would only recommend it be experienced with guides who have the purest intentions. Tamara and Ilona are truly angels here on Earth, sharing their knowledge, passion and love for this incredible tool that Mother Nature has given us.
If you are thinking about doing ibogaine and have doubt and fear, I know how that feels and I say do it anyway! It has been one of the best decisions of my life.”


“Profound! The word I would use to describe an experience that is ‘beyond words.’ The energy of the people serving the medicine and holding space was beautifully held and allowed me to feel cared for and supported. I strongly believe that if we truly wish to evolve and raise our own consciousness and lift those around us, then we need clear the patterns, distortions and beliefs we’ve acquired through karma and the ancestral line if we are to build our lives on a solid foundation. Ibogaine is this teacher and healer.”


Hi Tamara, I wanted to touch base to tell you thank you again for my journey… this plant since seeing you has shown me things and helped me in ways I could never have imagined… it lives in me and has used my body to control the outcome of certain things that without her intervention and in this very curious way, I would not have had the strength to do. She also gave me proof of what she showed me in my journey, and that there are others that know about it… she has given me such a deep peace and strength that I lost all fear of everything… it’s been incredible… I know it’s been more than thirty days but she still shows me the TRUTH every day in one way or another… the synchronicities are overwhelming and the alignment of thought, to matter is almost instant! I think of you with love and gratitude fault and I appreciate your non judgmental support of my process and of walking through the fire of my fear kindly with me. 💗

Romy from America about Ibogaine

Tamara I wanted to say Thank You, you are the most incredible person I have met these last months.
Thank you for your Angel Card reading, that I have experienced a bit more than one month ago. Since then everything changed so Quickly …. Firstly, signs of my Angels appears everyday and in different ways. I can say I felt a real shift and transformation in my life. I know now what Abundance means.


Tamara Wensing has helped me so much with an Angel card reading. When I went to her I was broken had a low self image and a lack of confidence.Tamara has opened up so many things in my life and helped me .how to do Angel card reading. How to go within and it is safe .I have found myself again and most off all knowing that my Angels are forever with me .All I have to do is to open myself and ask the Angels for they ar always ready and always available. With lots of gratitude June.

June Simon

Tamara, thank you, thank you, thank you for being the brilliant spark you are x Can’t believe I have just met you… it feels like I have already known you for ages!! And also how quick our lives have intertwined… from the Frank Movie nights to the events at Soul, massages, cups of tea (and wine) x To all your wonderful insights when I came for an angel card reading, which was an answer to a prayer by the way!! To your raw honesty, openness, wisdom… and that you shine your light so bright. Wishing you the best of luck with your new YouTube channel and thank you for being so fearless. Love you Sister

Dawn Penny

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