How to know if something is organic?

Again organic, being vegan everything is labelled again and is becoming a hype. For me organic is everything that I FEEL is organic. If I see a person and that person makes for example honey and I feel that person is authentic and I feel the passion about honey then I know it is organic. I don’t need to see certificates or labels, because I believe it is organic as I FEEL it is organic.
If I see a person and I feel this person is totally disconnected and lives from the ego then you can have a GREEN company, but it is not GREEN for me. This GREEN label is coming from the ego.

The fact organic needs labels is a fact we need prove that something is organic, but this is coming from the mind and not from the heart. If you know and knowing comes from a feeling that something is organic why do we need prove? We need prove as the most people has lost the touch with their TRUTH.
Organic has all to do with the vibration it carries. When the intention is not pure, it is not organic it all no matter how many certificates or labels this products has.
Everything is a mirror of your own energy, this means food, stuff can only be organic when you FEEL organic inside. organic = authentic

The secret is that you can only feel that something is authentic if you are authentic yourself, as everything reflects. This is why I know a lot of disconnected people and they scream they only eat organic. I find this very interesting as this is impossible. If you are disconnected it means you are not in touch with your feeling, so this means you will buy organic products only from your mind. It can be that a person is running an organic shop just from ego, just pure for money. This means that the products in the shop are labelled organic, but on an energy level these products are not organic as these products reflect his or her heart energy. And if the intention is not pure a product is not organic.

The same if you want to be labelled healthy. You do yoga, you drink healthy juices but the truth is you still are blocked. All these things that you do will reflect you. If you as a disconnected person will buy organic food and you prepare it, you put your energy in the food and the vibration will match your vibration and then you eat it.
So in the end everything is organic and it can only be organic if you are pure/authentic as everything is a reflection.
This is my TRUTH about what is ORGANIC, as everything is energy and what is organic doesn’t need any labels, because it is made with love and the right intention and you will FEEL that.

Much love&TRUTH

Organic is a feeling