“When you Spot it, You’ve Got it!”

12 Week Course of Self-Discovery “When you Spot it, You’ve Got it!”

How to Understand the Mirror & your Relationship with Yourself.

Course Outline:

 Insights, tools & my teachings will be provided on how to fully understand your relationship with your inner world.

This teaching is to activate feelings so as to understand that the outside world is merely a reflection & creation of your inside world, whether it’s unconscious and consciousness. Every week I will discuss one topic in a group of max 4 people for max 1.5 hour. Not only will you understand the universal truth that the outside world is a result from your inside world, but you will be also activated to feel lighter every session.

If you decide to participate you will get a session every week for 12 weeks.

Topics that will be comprehensively discussed and unpacked at length:

  1. Introduction: What is Self-Reflection, how to understand the “Mirror” & Triggers
  2. What is your Purpose and the Understanding of this?
  3. Money and Self-Worth
  4. Energy Exchanges and the Importance of Balance around this
  5. Understanding Co-Dependency & Addictions (food, alcohol, drugs, sex)
  6. The Importance of Self-Love
  7. The Critical Balance between Masculine and Feminine Energy
  8. All Aspects around Trust
  9. The Importance & Necessity of Boundaries
  10. How to Feel at Peace, at One, Whole again
  11. Ibogaine, the Plant of the Truth & a Comprehensive Overview of Plant Medicines
  12. Reflection & Overview on the above subjects & how they are inter-connected and aligned
  • Each week will comprise of 1 subject per day as mentioned above, limited to a maximum of 4 people per session.
  • This 12 week course is R2222.00 which incl. a DVD with the teaching as well as writings.
  • If you only want to participate per module, then the cost is R255.00 per individual session.

In conclusion, it takes huge courage and bravery to embark down this route of self-discovery as the entire human collective is being triggered in order to shift to a higher level of consciousness.

I, for one, am totally qualified and on-board to walk down this path with all that fully commit to participating.

Please reach out to me if you would like further information.

Much Love & Abundance,

tamara wensing

teacher universal truth – as within so without

Email: tamara@tamarawensing.com

Phone: + 27 82 750 5391

cape town