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I have chosen a Dutch bloodline and my feeling brought me to Cape Town where I found my truth. My truth about who I am on a deepest level and why I am on earth. All the lessons in life I have had, all the people that I have met were there to get me to my higher self. I honour and I am immensely grateful for all those lessons. Because this is a universal truth that all that you encounter is a creation from you.

And this is what I am here to do on earth, to activate with my sacred energy other beautiful souls. To teach them how to understand and feel their own feeling. Because besides the universal truth that everything around you is a creation of your own vibration we all have our own unique truth. That unique truth is written in your blueprint and I can activate you to find this truth, if you are ready. My purpose has come to me as I have always followed my feeling. I always had a deep knowing. I always felt energies extremely, I always have TRUTH.

In the end we are our own teachers, healers, but my light can trigger the light in you and when you allow this then it is activated and this is what I do. I use my own energy to do this and besides this I work with beautiful medicines to help you activate even more. One of these beautiful teachers is Ibogaine. Everything outside ourselves is just a tool as we have all the answers inside ourselves.

Are you ready to find your own Truth? Are you ready to go within? Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Feel free to contact me. My heart is open for anyone that feels to contact me.

Much love & TRUTH

Tamara Wensing

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