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Have you ever felt that this cannot be the world where we live in? I had this since I was a child and I have always had this feeling that I wanted to know exactly how the universe works. I am very grateful that I can say how the universal TRUTH works from a deep knowing: as within – so without. This is my teaching, this is my wisdom that I transcend through my energy.

My feeling is my GURU, I have always listened to it. I always had a deep knowing and a deep TRUST. That is why I gave up my share in my company in Holland and left in 2013 to South Africa to start a guesthouse. Why? I was earning a lot of money and I was not happy. Going to South Africa to start from scratch was a wonderful feeling for me. But I had a hernia and I needed an operation. I was sitting with my feet in my swimming pool that I always desired and thinking how is it possible I am still not happy? At that moment I made the click. I felt I needed to find that feeling of love in myself. I made the decision after being only one year in Africa where we built an amazing guesthouse to divorce and to sell.

Then the feeling came, what must I do? I have always been very true with myself so I attracted immediately answers…I met a beautiful psychic and she told me I was on earth to teach people HOW TO FEEL. I thought, but this is normal to listen to your feeling. No she told me, people have been disconnected from their true self. Then the feeling came, how? She told me, just be, follow your feeling and it will come. And yes it came. It was a deep journey. I have been doing so much deep deep ancient healing on myself. Not only I have been drinking medicines plants, I have detoxing my body, I have self reflecting a lot. I have followed my feeling and it brought me where I am now. I receive so much information from the inside. I see and feel frequencies, I get information about people that cross my path and I get information how to work with these beautiful ancient medicine plants.

I am very proud and grateful with my soul. I have felt horrible, lost, broken.  Now I know all those feelings were there to be FELT, to be HEALED. I always wanted to heal first myself before I would help others on a deep level. It took me actually also quite some years to call myself a healer. And yes I feel healed. I can encouter anything in life, why? I created it, so I can handle it. My goal is to perceive anything and anyone with a feeling of love. To transcend any negative feeling in love.  This is why we are here on earth, TO FEEL HEAVEN ON EARTH. Everything is a feeling.

Yes I am blessed to be in service of the Divine, in service of humanity. To attract these big beautiful beings to help them further to activate their light. To understand their frequency. Because we need to clean up bloodlines in order to access the blueprint where all the wisdom is imprinted. And for me it is an honour to guide people with that. When we clean up from the inside out, the outside will become clean automatically. The more love you FEEL, to more love you will PERCEIVE.

And this is what I am here to do on earth, to activate with my sacred energy other beautiful souls. To teach them how to understand and feel their own feeling. Because besides the universal truth that everything around you is a creation of your own vibration we all have our own unique truth. That unique truth is written in your blueprint and I can activate you to find this truth, if you are ready. My purpose has come to me as I have always followed my feeling. I always had a deep knowing. I always felt energies extremely, I always have TRUTH.

In the end we are our own teachers, healers, but my light can trigger the light in you and when you allow this. Are you ready to find your own Truth? Are you ready to go within? Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

Feel free to contact me. My heart is open for anyone that feels to contact me.

Much love & TRUTH

Tamara Wensing

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